League Of Legends: Basics And Overall Gameplay Experience

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League Of Legends: Basics And Overall Gameplay Experience

Are you looking for a different gaming experience when it comes to online computer games? Do you long for the intense thrill that can only be obtained via immersive, high-definition graphics? Do you have friends that have the same interest as you and you want to team up with them? Then get ready to read this starter guide for the game League Of Legends which is a popular game and even has international competitions that have a big prize pool. This is a good game especially if you have a good setup like those in, because why would you settle for anything less than the finest in such a case? Utilize this breathtaking work of art now to reach the ultimate gaming heaven. This is not to discourage you if you cannot build your fancy PC yet. As long as you can play the game without issues and you know how to play it, that counts way more.

Brief Background About League Of Legends

As was said, League of Legends is among the most popular online multiplayer games ever. This originated and can be similar based on the Defense of the Ancients for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, it became a hit as it was made by Riot Games, which is a well-known company in the gaming industry. In the 3D game League of Legends, two teams of five players each struggle for control of three objectives (mines, towers, and inhibitors) over a large battlefield. Just like the concept of the commonly known DOTA. Here, players employ a variety of spells, talents, and weapons to defeat their foes. You can also pick a variety of roles, you can either choose whether you go top lane, bottom lane, mid lane, jungle, or even tank/support. These are needed to be complete as you will need to strategize your move instantly at the picking phase.

When it comes to the professional scene, the prize money of millions of dollars is up for grabs in the various League of Legends competitions that have popped up all around the world. They even do large gatherings for all the players, they can watch streamers there or even professional players fighting their way to victory. Even the best players in the fiercely competitive environment put in a lot of practice and planning time. This is quite normal as everything should be, but if you’re looking for a fun gaming experience that will keep you engrossed for hours on end, League of Legends is a time well spent.

Tips And Tricks On Learning And Improving In-game

There will always be a time when you’ll just get frustrated because you can’t understand the game that you want to play but you have the eagerness to learn it more. Worry no more because this section is for you. 

  • Never skip the tutorial phase and your learning phase as well. You must put in the time and effort if you want to become a better player. If you practice your talents for at least an hour every day, you’ll see advances in your ability. Yes there are limited abilities that even champion has but their attack pattern cannot be easily guessed in one sitting there is a rune build that you should learn first
  • Toxicity is one of the common scenarios, especially in these games as ego rise, and there are terms called “tilted” where players are not in their best condition to play because they lose too much or just plain out of their gaming sense. It takes countless hours of dedication and persistence to get the level of knowledge that many elite athletes possess. Don’t exaggerate your abilities; humility is key to becoming a better player.
  • There are countless guides of each champion that you can watch online and if you think you want to main them then have patience and learn your role. With this, it will certainly help you become a better player. Browse YouTube for tutorial videos on different game mechanics, or use websites like, which offer advice from experienced players. You can also play with your friends so that you can try what you learned in a real scenario. 
  • Giving up is technically a killjoy in a sense but if the game is not for then it isn’t. If it feels like you’re just frustrated rather than enjoying then take a break. Even the finest athletes occasionally lose matches or series they had hoped to win. Through hard times and continued effort, you can eventually become a fantastic player. Having a good mindset will take you places, just hold on to your passion and work harder.

Picking Your Summoner Spell

This is important as this can make or break your overall gameplay. Flash, Ghost, Heal, Barrier, Exhaust, Clarity, Mark, Teleport, Cleanse, Ignite, and Smite. You can pick 2 of these but commonly flash is important especially when it comes to champions that don’t have much mobility in their skills. You won’t want yourself in a situation in the clash where you’re there and you can’t find an escape. Some use it to make plays and if they want to get closer to enemies, especially those who are already low health. But be careful because they might counter you with a heal or someone gives them a barrier. You can also counter heals with ignite as it reduces the amount of heat received by the enemy. When it comes to being burst down by enemies or being chased by jungle because they set a gank (meaning 2 or more heroes will come to your lane) then exhaust, ghost, flash, and cleanse are your favorite type of spells especially if ADC (Attack Damage Carry) is your chosen role. Smite is important for the jungle as it can make killing monsters in the jungle easier and especially in doing objectives. These can make them steal buffs and also can make you secure the push of towers by beating heralds and getting significant buffs with the dragons that can enhance the intensity of the gameplay. 

How To Win Games

You can certainly win matches by just dominating your lane and going for their nexus is your top priority. Yes, kills are a bonus as this allows you to push turrets but objectives will make you win while kills come next. Knowing your objectives especially if you’re solo queuing (meaning that you’re playing with random players) is crucial in winning because a lot of times players don’t adjust to the team and they just do whatever they want and that shouldn’t happen. League of Legends contains all the challenges you could ever want. The applications’ often updated challenges will put your abilities to the absolute limit. You’ll always be motivated to play since there are chances for you to win rewards. So why are you still waiting? Join now and start playing League of Legends more proficiently than ever! Always remember that if you have a team or you’re playing solo, you should always enhance your game sense and not just throw skills, learn your strategies and dominate the game especially if your role is jungle or ADC 

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