Dragonflight Season 3: What class to choose for Mythic Plus

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Mythic Plus

Mythic Plus dungeons stand as one of World of Warcraft’s most challenging and rewarding endgame activities, pushing players to not only excel individually but also to synergize as a team. These timed dungeons increase in difficulty with each level, introducing affixes that change weekly, adding complexity and requiring strategic adjustments to tackle effectively. The rewards for conquering these dungeons include top-tier gear and achievements that signify a player’s skill and dedication.

Success in Mythic Plus often hinges on the group’s composition, with certain classes and specializations shining brighter due to their ability to deal damage, heal, or provide invaluable utility. This is where understanding class tier lists becomes crucial, especially for those looking to push into higher key levels, for players aiming to optimize their runs, selecting the right mix of classes can be as pivotal as mastering dungeon mechanics themselves.

Class tier lists categorize each class and specialization based on their performance in Mythic Plus dungeons. These rankings take into account factors such as damage output, survivability, utility, and adaptability to the various affixes encountered. The tiers range from S (superior) to D (below average), with S-tier classes being the most desirable for forming competitive Mythic Plus teams and often the focus of WoW Carry services for those looking to enhance their dungeon runs.

S-tier classes are distinguished by their exceptional performance across a wide range of situations, offering both potent abilities and crucial utility that can significantly impact a dungeon run’s success. Conversely, D-tier classes might face challenges due to lower survivability or a lack of impactful utility, making them less desirable for high-level Mythic Plus content.

While tier lists provide a valuable framework for assembling competitive groups, the ultimate key to Mythic Plus success lies in player skill, teamwork, and knowledge of dungeon layouts and mechanics. The meta can also shift with game updates, keeping the competitive landscape dynamic and engaging.

As we delve into Dragonflight Season 3, our tier list aims to illuminate the standout classes and specializations for the current Mythic Plus environment. Whether you’re strategizing to climb the leaderboards or simply aiming to enhance your group’s performance, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each class will be instrumental in navigating the challenges of these high-stakes dungeons.

Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Class Tier Overview

This tier list delves into the optimal class choices for tackling the evolving challenges of Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3. It categorizes classes into tiers based on their performance, utility, and adaptability to various dungeon mechanics, offering insights into the top picks for tanks, DPS, and healers.


  • S Tier: Vengeance Demon Hunter
    • Dominates with robust defensive mechanics, versatile utility, and significant AoE control, making them indispensable for high-level keys.
  • A Tier: Protection Paladin
    • Offers unmatched utility with crowd control and strong defensive cooldowns, excelling in dungeons requiring precise mob management.
  • B Tier: Protection Warrior, Brewmaster Monk, Blood Death Knight
    • Each brings unique strengths to the table, from Warrior’s unmatched physical mitigation to Monk’s fluid AoE tanking and Death Knight’s self-sustain capabilities.
  • C Tier: Guardian Druid
    • Although nerfed from previous seasons, still a solid choice for their ease of play and formidable survivability in large pulls.

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DPS: Masters of Destruction

  • S Tier: Havoc Demon Hunter, Augmentation Evoker
    • Unrivaled in damage output and utility, these classes are central to any group aiming for rapid dungeon clears.
  • A Tier: Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, Balance Druid, among others
    • Highly versatile with the potential for explosive damage across various scenarios, supplemented by crucial utility spells.
  • B+ Tier: Assassination Rogue, Marksmanship Hunter, Fury Warrior, and more
    • While slightly behind in raw output, these specs offer strategic advantages in specific dungeon encounters.
  • B- Tier and Lower: Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk, Elemental Shaman, etc.
    • These classes face hurdles in maximizing their potential but can still contribute significantly in the hands of skilled players.

Healers: Wielders of Restorative Power

  • S Tier: Discipline Priest
    • A powerhouse in healing and damage, providing essential buffs and control options to navigate through the toughest encounters.
  • A Tier: Preservation Evoker, Mistweaver Monk, Restoration Druid, Holy Paladin
    • Each brings a blend of strong healing throughput and unique utilities, from Evoker’s wide-ranging buffs to Paladin’s protective spells.
  • B Tier: Restoration Shaman
    • Known for their vast array of utility and solid healing, albeit with some limitations in raw throughput compared to top-tier healers.
  • C Tier: Holy Priest
    • Reliable and straightforward, offering consistent healing capabilities, though overshadowed by others in terms of versatility and utility.

This tier list presents a snapshot of the current Mythic+ meta in Dragonflight Season 3, highlighting the standout classes and specializations across tanks, DPS, and healers. It’s designed to guide players in forming well-rounded, effective teams capable of conquering the highest difficulty levels. Nonetheless, player preference, composition synergy, and specific dungeon requirements can influence the effectiveness of each class, encouraging a balance between meta adherence and individual playstyle.

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