How Tequila Casino Azul Built a Global Brand Using These Marketing Strategies

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Tequila Casino Azul

This case study details the strategies used by Tequila Casino Azul (TCA) to build a global brand through social media.

As the fastest-growing casino company in the world, Tequila Casino Azul has built its reputation on attracting new players by using smart marketing strategies.

When you’re creating a marketing plan for a brand that’s already well established in the U.S., you need to keep in mind your audience in Mexico.

In 2013, the team behind the global gambling and entertainment brand Tequila Casino Azul began to develop a strategy to expand its reach across the globe. In order to do so, the brand partnered with the world’s leading digital marketing agency to help it launch a global social media campaign.

What Makes Tequila Casino Different?

Tequila Casino is different in a few ways. The first way that sets it apart from other online casinos is that all of its games are skill-based and not the traditional slot machine games that casinos use. Another difference is that it doesn’t have any wagering requirements. Players do not have to gamble in order to win. They simply play for fun and do not have to wager any money. Finally, Tequila Casino is entirely mobile-friendly. You can access the casino from any device, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

Tequila Casino Builds Trust

When a new company or startup launches it’s business or product, it must build trust with its audience. Here is how tequila casinos builds trust with their potential customers: They show up with tequila. They offer people a shot. They give a quick overview of the history of tequila. They show a video about tequila making. They explain the differences between types of tequila. They tell the story of how tequila started. They describe tequila’s characteristics. They show pictures of tequila glasses.

Tequila Casino Uses Social Media to Engage with its Audience

Tequila Casino’s social media strategy revolves around engaging with its audience. The company runs Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Vine accounts to engage with its followers and to showcase the events, contests, and promotions that are taking place in its casinos. It hosts live events on Instagram and even allows people to vote in the contests. This strategy is working. Its engagement rates on its various social channels are over 20% higher than most others in the industry, according to Tequila Casino.

Tequila Casino Azul Empowers its Community

When you are new in an industry, you cannot expect everyone to come up to you and tell you what to do. You must gain the trust of people in the industry, show them that you are trustworthy, and have them know that they can trust you to help them. You must show them that you care about them and their business. The key to building your credibility is being helpful and informative. Be the one who is always trying to help the community with their businesses and people.

Tequila Casino Creates Loyal Customers

This casino, a venture between Casa Noble Tequila and MGM Resorts, was one of the first casinos to take advantage of loyalty programs in Nevada. Because of their program, patrons are able to earn points for every dollar they spend, which translates into free rooms, food, and drinks—all while playing video poker and blackjack. As a result, more than 90% of their players keep returning, thanks to the quality of the gaming experience and the loyalty rewards program.

Tequila Casino Azul Gives Back

At Tequila Casino, the company is all about giving back to its community. They give back by donating to non-profit organizations such as the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Michigan AIDS Fund. Tequila Casino gives back through promotions and through events like the “Tequila Bingo Bash”.

Tequila Casino Azul Builds Awareness

There are so many different ways to build awareness, but it all starts with a solid, compelling value proposition that speaks directly to your target audience and provides them with an opportunity to see themselves using your product. By understanding your target audience and knowing your core values, you can craft the right message that will resonate with them and build trust.

Tequila Casino Manages Customer Feedback

It’s no secret that there are always going to be problems with online casinos. They offer a fun experience but there are always going to be glitches and bugs. Casino manager Robert LaFortune knows this and uses customer feedback to guide the company toward fixing any problems as soon as they appear. This approach ensures that his customers don’t feel frustrated when they lose money or when they run into an error message that tells them they have to start over again.


The truth is that all businesses start off small and have to struggle for survival. Once they get the chance to grow into bigger and better things, they have to figure out how to grow. One of the best ways to unwind is to use marketing. With marketing, you can build a brand, and a following, and attract new customers to your business. This is the reason why, in this guide, we’re going to share with you some of the best tips and strategies for creating a successful marketing strategy. So, stay tuned

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